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Jungle Kings AR book

augmented reality book

interactive educational ar book that come to life

10 exotic animals that come to life on the book in 3D, with motion and sound!

Launch the application, scan the book and take a photo with an animal!

Augmented Reality animals book


Interactive augmented reality books

Who is going to be the next King of the Jungle? With this book you can take a tour to animals’ kingdom, to choose the next king of the jungle. You can also see the candidates in 3D, hear their voices, and see them moving on your book!

This book is made with a technology called augmented reality, to make its content look alive. If you want to see each animal “alive”, you need an Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet, with a camera.

Download the “Jungle Kings” app from Play Store or App Store and scan with your mobile device the pages of the book that contain the special symbol. In this way you can see the animal of the specific page moving on the book!

Last but not least, if you scan the cover page you can take a picture with the animal you like!

take a picture with an exotic animal!

Interactive augmented reality books

great photos using the Jungle Kings book + app

Jungle Kings - augmented reality book
Interactive augmented reality books
Interactive augmented reality books

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